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COVID Barriers Are Here To Stay

Counter intercom systems provide crystal-clear speech through protective barriers.

Highly Effective, ADA Compliant, Easy To Install & Clean

This speech transfer system features a mounted microphone for the customer side, a microphone with a round base for the staff side, and two surface mounted overhead speaker modules. It also includes our open duplex amplifier and a hearing loop.

It is a low-space solution ideal for a variety of environments, whatever the ambient noise conditions.

The Speech Transfer System offers an immediate solution for two way communication while also incorporating a hearing loop.


For use where one to one communication takes place at a counter or booth with a security screen:

• Banks

• Post Offices

• Ticket Kiosks

• Information Centers

• Airports

• Supermarkets/Checkouts

• Pharmcies

Other across-the-counter solutions are available with an under the counter or above counter hearing loop  and can be customized as needed with different microphone and speaker options to suit every unique counter application.

9 out of 10 Montanans Prefer Hearing Loops To Other Assistive Listening Technologies

A Desperate Need

Montana can do better at providing hearing access.

Although many venues in Montana offer some form of assistance for the 255,000 Montanans living with hearing loss, public hearing accessibility takes a back seat to other forms of disability access mandated by the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) of 1990.

The mission of Audéo Loop Technologies is to provide equal access for hearing impaired Montanans everywhere within its borders. The best way to provide access for the largest number of people is with an emerging technology called a hearing loop.

Hearing loops are preferred by users over Infrared (IR) or Radio Frequency (RF) systems. That is because hearing loops connect wirelessly to hearing aids, cochlear implants, and receiver headphones to deliver crystal-clear, direct, and personalized sound straight to users' ears.

Percentage of people with hearing loss in Montana
Percentage of venues with hearing access systems
Percentage of hearing impaired patrons utilizing provided assistance
Percentage of people currently wearing hearing loop compatible hearing aids
Percentage of hearing aid wearers who would use hearing loops if they were available

Hearing Loops are a top choice among users and venues. They are widespread across Europe and other parts of the world and are gaining serious traction in the United States. Loops can be integrated into information desks, self-service kiosks, ticket windows, retail counters, theaters, churches, arenas, airports, and more. Hearing Loops provide the greatest benefits to people who rely on assistive listening systems and to venues required by the ADA to provide hearing accommodation.

Hearing Loops Are Simple And Effective

Situations that many of us take for granted such as meetings, classes, or trips to the theatre become an impossible feat for those with hearing loss, which affects 1 in 4 of the Montana population. Through enhanced communication and by pro-actively engaging with the millions of people with hearing loss you can:


  • Improve communication and expand customer engagement
  • Fulfill legal obligations and boost your social responsibility
  • Help people feel understood, included and supported
  • Enhance customer experience and satisfaction
  • Attract new customers
  • Encourage brand loyalty and stand out from your competitors

Margaret R.

Business Owner
“Today was the first time in fifty years I heard and understood my pastor. It was like he was standing right in front of me!"

John H.

Hearing loop Installed in his church
“I’m Catholic and my wife is Presbyterian. When she told me about the new loop system at her church, I decided to attend her service to try it out. I guess I’m Presbyterian now because until my church puts one in, I’m not going back”

Pam R.

Business Owner
"Since Audeo installed a loop at my church, a miracle has unfolded! For the first time in many years, I heard my pastor with perfect clarity. Not only were the words audible, but clear and district with no annoying background noise!"

Hearing Loops Are Used In Lots Of Places

High quality hearing loops can be applied to a large variety of settings, including theaters, supermarkets, museums, theme parks and banks. Once a loop is installed, hearing device wearers simply switch to the “T” setting for a crystal clear flawless listening experience.

Along with our Speech Transfer Systems, hearing loops contribute to creating an inclusive environment in your bank. Our hearing loops can help make your service desks more accessible for confidential exchanges. We also have systems for installation in ticket or ATM machines to transmit the audio output directly to the user’s hearing aids.

71% of people aged over 70 have some form of hearing loss. Many of these live in care homes of other secured accommodation. Our hearing loops give your residents the opportunity to be included in the community life at your home. We have Hearing Loop solutions for bedrooms, TV listening or larger communal areas with a wide variety of audio feeds.

Conference and meeting rooms are designed for group communication. Important business discussions as well as interviews or presentations are done in these facilities. A hearing loop system helps ensure meetings and conferences go smoothly and everyone is part of the discussion.

In addition to permenant hearing loop installations, our team is available to set up temporary hearing loops for your single and multi-day events.

Classrooms, lecture halls, and libraries are where most of the learning happens and therefore assistive listening equipment is vital in this setting. A missed lecture or a skipped piece of information can affect student’s achievements. We can advise on the best solution to allow you to cater for all your students.

Unintentionally divulging your patients' private medical information could mean expensive litigation from HIPAA violatations. Doctors' offices, dental clinics, and pharmacies are obvious places to install hearing loop systems. Coincidentally, it is also one of the hearing loop applications most appreciated by the users.

From hotel reception desks to the conference facilities and guest rooms, ensure you are providing an inclusive environment in your hotel with hearing loop systems. We have systems in all sizes to make a small guest house or a large hotel more accessible, with fully inclusive environments.

We provide hearing loops and hearing assist services in Montana, North Dakota, South Dakota, Wyoming, and Idaho.

The main reason for visiting a place of worship is to hear those very special messages. Our systems provide a perfect solution in these environments, cutting out background noise and enhancing the speaker’s voice so that everyone in the community can benefit. Every word is more intelligible when a hearing loop system is installed.


Family time is the most important time. Why spend it fighting over the volume of the TV? A home hearing loop kit ends the battle of the remote by giving people with T-Coil equipped hearing aids independant control of the TV volume. And if more than one person in the house uses hearing aids, no problem. Everybody can use the hearing loop and enjoy the program together.

Retail establishments are the prime example of where counter loops can transform a customer’s experience. We know shops, cafés and fast dining all have individual needs and designs, so we provide a range of systems to fit every scenario and provide crystal clear sound.

As the area that welcomes people into your building, it is vital that everyone can communicate with you here. These points of contact are often used for important transactions, so it is crucial your customers can hear all that is being said. We have a range of counter loops and portable loops available to suit your environment.

What is the point of theater if you can't hear the words? Hearing loops can be installed into auditoriums to provide an unparalleled listening experience for your audience. Place a hearing loop in your venue and delight your audiences with a truly immersive show, film, or concert experience.

You might be suprised to know hearing loop systems are gaining popularity in airport, subway, train, and bus terminals. They are even being put in busses, trains, taxis, and other means of transportation. 

Types Of Hearing Loops

1 to 1 hearing loops are used in a variety of environments such as bank counters, ticket offices and supermarket checkouts. They assist in situations where conversation between two people takes place and can be either fixed or portable.

Speech Transfer Systems (STS) provide clear communication where normal speech is impaired by use of glass, security screen, or other similar barriers like at banks, embassies, ticket offices, information centers, theaters, correctional facilities, and public transit systems.

Large area hearing loops are installed in settings where a large number of people can benefit from a superior listening experience, such as theaters, classrooms and conference centers.

No two facilities or assistive listening projects are the same and hearing loops aren't always the best solution for your place of business. Audéo Loop Technologies must evaluate your space to determine if it is suitable for a hearing loop. While we're at it, we'll set up a demonstration loop on-site so you can try it for yourself.

The Telecoil

Connecting Hearing Aids Directly To Sound

A telecoil is a small copper coil located inside 70% of hearing aids and cochlear implant processors. Telecoils vastly expand the functionality of hearing aids by acting as wireless antennas that connect to hearing loops. 

Even with today's ultra-sophistocated hearing aid technology, hearing aids can't seperate the sounds you want to hear from the background noises, or pick up all the sounds from a distance, such as in a performance hall or place of worship.

Telecoils are cheap, effective, and found in most hearing aids already being used by people today. They make a noticeable difference when they are combined with assistive listening technology because they link the listener directly to the sound source while eliminating most of the background noise.

A telecoil (T-coil) is a wireless antenna found in hearing aids that receives a wireless signal from hearing loops.



If you require assistance activating or using T-Mode, call (406) 948-8284.

Commissioning a Hearing Loop

Getting started in easy. Call (406) 948-8284 or email james@audeoloop.com to get started. We’ll discuss your facility, answer your questions, and schedule a site analysis and hearing loop demonstration.

Tailor-Made Solutions

In order to provide a  high-quality customized hearing loop system for your venue, extensive testing and verification must be done prior to installation. This tells us what equipment and materials are appropriate for your project so we can quote you an accurate price.

Seamless Integration

Ideally, your hearing loop is installed during the construction or remodel phase of your building. However, hearing loops can be retrofit after the fact. We’ll work with you and trusted contractors to make sure the system is installed professionally and invisibly.

Doing The Job Right

Audéo is committed to meeting and exceeding the international performance standards for hearing loop systems and equipment set by the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC). 

Loop It And They Will Come

It's time to tell the world about your new hearing loop! We help you build buzz in your community and attract new clients with signage, marketing materials, and dedication ceremonies. We’ll even reach out to local hearing care providers to ensure that your clients’ hearing aids are optimized for use with your new hearing loop.

On-Going Support

Hearing loops are very low maintenance once they are installed. However, Audéo stands by our work and will provide continuing support, upkeep, and training for our systems.

Site Analysis


James Richwine

James Richwine is a certified designer and installer of hearing loop systems and a Hearing Aid Dispenser in Montana. James has worked with hard-of-hearing people in Montana since 2008 and knows first-hand what communication challenges they face, especially in terms of accessibility in their communities.

Hearing loss is a hidden and often overlooked disability made worse by background noise. James obsessed over finding solutions for his clients' hearing challenges at church, theater, and community events, where hearing aids couldn't fully help. The answer came in 2015 when he partnered with Contacta, a worldwide leader and distributor of assistive listening technology, to bring hearing loops to Montana for the first time.

James is now a passionate advocate for high-quality assistive listening services in Montana. His mission is to strengthen Montana's communities by partnering with state and local leaders to provide better access and raise awareness for lessor-hearing residents throughout the state. That way, all Montanans can participate fully in the richness and vibrancy of this little slice of heaven called Big Sky Country.

James is passionate about equal hearing access in Montana. James trains, educates, and inspires businesses like yours to achieve new heights through awareness and inclusion. Call today to book James for keynote speaking, training seminars, and multi-day workshops.

James has a knack for finding hidden money for Audéo's corporate clients by positioning them as hearing accessibility heros in their communities. James meets with your company officers, evaluates your facility, customer interactions, and current hearing accessibility offerings to create fresh revenue opportunities by dazzling your hearing-challenged clients. Once your system is tip-top, James helps you increase push profits into the stratosphere by launching a customized public awarness campaign designed to build customer loyalty, reclaim lost clients, and win new ones.

James is proud to be the only dealer in Montana certified to design and install induction hearing loop systems to the high standards of the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) that defines international performance standards for hearing loop systems and equipment. Whether designing a system for a small assembly area, a church, funeral home, sports arena, or airport, James' foundation of technical expertise and his passion for helping people with hearing impairment are what drives his company's industry-leading hearing loop installations and client support.


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ADA Compliance

Did You Know?

Assistive Listening Systems are required by ADA

The Standards require an assistive listening system in each assembly area where audible communication is integral to the use of the space.

  • Spaces include classrooms, courtrooms, public meeting rooms, auditoriums, theaters, stadiums, convention centers, churches and more.
  • An amplification system utilizing transmitters, receivers, and coupling devices to bypass the acoustical space between a sound source and a listener by means of induction loop, radio frequency, infrared, or direct-wired equipment is required to help those with hearing loss.
  • We are happy to explain the American Disabilities Act requirements at any time.
This international symbol for installed hearing loop is found all throughout Europe and is spreading quickly in the United States.

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